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Architectural and Print design.

viewpoint  E:newburghlayout sheets AB-E-01 02 03 (1) SONY DSC SONY DSC

Craft & Geekery


Sketchup Parametrics.
spiral tower 1 thumbneighbourhood thumbdonut domesthumb

Architectural Professional Practice
2008-2009  RMJM
rmjm2 root2thumb kingsprthumb thumbokta thumbwalkway domesthumb
2007 Ushida Finlday
2004-2006 RMJM
rmjm2thumbcafemontage thumbflat

Postgraduate Study
2008+ – Research Student – Dundee School of Architecture
two people making a tshirt leave only photos dragon landscape- here be dragons maps in flux
2006/07 – Master of Architecture – Dundee School of Architecture
investigation poster museum system SPEAKINGLAND THEATRE flux map 

Undergraduate Study
2005 / 06 – Bachelor of Art (Honours) – Dundee School of Architecture
demarco Archive Gallery big brother house chair design field thumb
2001 – 04 – Bachelor of Science – Dundee School of Architecture
balmerino retreat material matters sense workshop living in the city dundee art library
1995-2001 – Ullapool High School
viewpoint art portfolio course

Recent Posts

Black Forest Gateaux

black forest gateaux

Inspired by this week’s Great British Bake Off, I cooked up a wee gateaux.  I wanted to try some new things. The first of which was a chocolate collar.

I settled on trying genoise sponge but when it wasn’t as big as i expected, I also baked a hot-water chocolate cake which i sliced into two making three equal sponge layers. I made a black-forest-berry mouse for between the bottom two layers and a chocolate ganache for between the top two. Fresh raspberries and blackberries finished it off on top of a flour cream frosting.

A slice of this is not light on the calories but pretty damn delish.

gateaux coffee and cake unsliced blackforest gateaux

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