The Effects of Built Environment Design on Opportunities for Wellbeing In Care Homes

McIntyre, L. J. and Harrison, I. R. 2017. The Effects of Built Environment Design on Opportunities for Wellbeing In Care Homes. International Journal of Architectural Research: ArchNet-IJAR, [S.l.], v. 11, n. 1, p. 138-156, mar. 2017. ISSN 1938 7806.

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Research on Wellbeing in Care Homes

Ethnographic observation research with Dr Lesley McIntyre.  Through observations, we identified demands on spaces in care homes in regards to function, routine, and wellbeing of users inclusive of staff (as a working environment), residents (as a home), and visitors (as a place to visit). Working in a series of care homes in Scotland and England we captured a breadth and detail of examples creating insight into:

How can the built environment in care homes facilitate physical ability and wellbeing?

What are the demands on spaces in Care Homes?

  • What is the routine of the users/care home building?
  • What are the space-types in a care home?
  • What are the environmental/spatial factors that affect these activities?

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BESiDE Project

BESiDE [The Built Environment for Social inclusion through the Digital Economy] was a multidisciplinary research group.   Led by Professor Vicki Hanson, we included researchers from Computing, Design, and Healthcare at the University of Dundee and from Computing at Newcastle University.

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We carried out research in care homes to help tackle a key challenge facing care designers and providers: Understanding how to create environments which support older adults in maintaining their quality of life long after transitioning to a care home environment.  We worked across different areas: giving a voice to the users of these environments, measuring physical activity in relation to health, and tracing and modeling movement within the homes to generate new research knowledge.

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BESiDE research summaries

Black Forest Gateaux


Inspired by this week’s Great British Bake Off, I cooked up a wee gateaux.  I wanted to try some new things. The first of which was a chocolate collar.
I settled on trying genoise sponge but when it wasn’t as big as i expected, I also baked a hot-water chocolate cake which i sliced into two making three equal sponge layers. I made a black-forest-berry mouse for between the bottom two layers and a chocolate ganache for between the top two. Fresh raspberries and blackberries finished it off on top of a flour cream frosting.

A slice of this is not light on the calories but pretty damn delish.

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